Pocock Racing Shells engineering and design has followed a trajectory of deliberate refinement.

Since 1985, this process has been orchestrated by William Tytus, Pocock Racing Shells president and shell designer.  A lifelong student of the sport, he has a vast knowledge of the laws of physics, and an intuitive and nuanced understanding of the interaction of the boat, the athlete, and the water.

We employ a team of exceptional craftsmen at our shop in Everett, Washington.  Staff turnover is low, and everyone is trained in-house.  The refinement of our processes and the skills and artistry employed by our boatbuilders is unmatched in the rowing shell industry.

Our craftsmen have the capacity not just to build the world’s finest racing shells, but also to build any composite project that can be dreamed up. And we have!  We’ve built winglets for Boeing, an ice sled that went to the Antarctic, and a custom four person pedal boat just to name a few. 


At Pocock Racing Shells, we are intent on optimizing the complex interaction between athlete efficiency and boat speed. Every aspect of the hull is continuously examined for a single purpose: more speed. We collect data on all existing boat designs and compare countless parameters and on-the-water performance records. Each class of boat has a shape and scale that is optimal for its speed.

As rowers ourselves, we know comfort equals speed. We work with each customer to build a boat that fits the crew perfectly – and this goes far beyond shoe size. Our hulls are built for not only different sized athletes, but specifically for men and women.

A Pocock shell was designed using the latest computer software to compare lines, stability, and hydrostatic data. Computer modeling helps us determine the boat lines most appropriate for any given crew. Hull differences are often subtle, but these subtleties lead to faster boats.

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