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One of the main differences between different shell brands is construction. The materials are typically similar, but the way we apply and process them is vastly different. Every customer wants a boat that is light, stiff, durable, and affordable. But light and stiff is expensive: exotic materials are costly and the process is more complex. We have 100 years of experience balancing these mutually exclusive properties, and our customers believe that we do it right.

Unlike many other brands, Pocock Racing Shells doesn’t offer similar looking boats with cheaper materials just to fit a budget. Our two construction methods were developed to fit very specific needs. Hypercarbon is Pocock’s elite racing shell construction, and the Core construction is our answer for club and training needs. Make no mistake, Core is not a cheapened version of Hypercarbon. These two constructions are purpose-built. They use very different materials, and they are built in very different ways. No matter which you choose, we guarantee your boat will live up to its job.

Hypercarbon Construction

Pocock’s Hypercarbon™ racing shells are designed specifically for speed. Their construction and raceability have been engineered for maximum stiffness and hydrodynamics, and minimum weight and drag. However, unlike many manufacturer’s top of the line boats, Hypercarbon shells are meant to be rowed every day, not just pulled off the rack for the big races. They’ll hold up better than any other elite racing shell, and are for competitors serious about winning races.

  • Ultra Stiff
  • Aggressive Hull Shape
  • Superior Rigging
  • Premium Components

Core Construction

Pocock’s Core are designed for a myriad of club-wide and training uses. While each is custombuilt specifically for the individual program’s needs and preferences, every Core boat is built to last with a tough, durable skin and hull that will serve you well for thousands of miles. Whether you row purely for recreation and fitness, or like to get your whole team out on the water for a 2- matrix, Core models offer greater versatility of use over a wide range of skill levels.

  • Long-Term Durability and Stiffness
  • Extremely Rowable
  • Worry-free Rigging
  • Low Maintenance

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