The Pocock Guarantee

We stand behind our product. When you are part of the Pocock Team, we are always there whether you are a coach, athlete, administrator or parent. We promise our customers:

Steadfast customer service
When you call the shop, a person answers the phone. If you have a rigging question, want to buy replacement parts, or just want to talk about rowing, we’re here to help. Everyone in the office has a history in rowing and coaching, so we know where you are coming from!

Fewer repairs and less maintenance
Because of the way they are built, Pocock boats are easy to maintain, and just don’t break in the first place. But when accidents do happen, the same guys who built your boat can fix it.  We can arrange to get your boat back to our shop, or, refer you to a trusted local resource.

Efficient and easy parts ordering
Since Pocock is based on the West Coast, when you knock a fin off at afternoon practice and call us that night to order a new one, we’re still open and ready to ship it to you in time for tomorrow’s row.  Really!  If you loose a fin in Connecticut at 3pm on a Thursday, we can get you a new one by Friday at 8am.  The only way for another manufacturer to deliver this level of service is for you to drive to their shop yourself!

A boat that you’re going to love for years to come
The 2V is going to have to wait a few more years to get their hand-me-down boat from the Varsity. We’ve been building boats for over100 years, and we’ve figured out how to make a shell that your top athletes will win in for more than just a year or two. Pocock racing shells are fast and comfortable to row, easy to take care of, and will stay stiff and durable for years to come.

Boats that retain their resale value
It is a fact that white boats generally retain more value and are easier to sell on the used market, but a white boat that is a Pocock is even more highly sought after.  Our product is trusted, and recognized as a boat that stays fast for years and years. Our boats move on the used market, which is a key consideration when considering any long term equipment plan.

Generous trade-ins on ANY brand of racing shell
If you’re ready to buy a new Pocock, we’ll help make it happen. Whether your boat is one of ours or not, we are happy to take it as a trade-in on a new Pocock. 

You simply won’t find a higher-quality boat or better customer service.  We guarantee it.